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We specialise in

  • Contract manufacturing
  • Cable assembly services
  • Electronic assembly service and
  • Printed Circuit Board manufacturing
  • Wireless technology

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We can custom manufacture all or part of your new
or existing products in Australia, or outside Australia.


Contract manufacturing

Our factory is designed for high-mix, low to medium volume manufacturing. Perfect for Australian markets and test volumes for larger markets.

When higher volumes are needed we can manage Asian manufacturing for you through our established network of suppliers and manufacturers.  Whether you need to overcome internal capacity, focus on your existing product line while testing new product ideas, or get your product to market quicker.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals using our contract manufacturing services.

Cable assembly services

When you need flexible, responsive and quality guaranteed cables, come to us first. 

Our experience covers requirements for thousands of identical custom cables through to multiple wiring harnesses and assemblies of more than 50 custom cables and connections used in each product.

We can build any custom cable from scratch, build custom wiring harnesses and manufacture your finished product connecting any mix of cabling your product requires.

Electronic assembly service

Once you have your components ready to go, you need a well-designed housing and our experience with building boxes and panels means we can build what you need to your exact specifications. Or design the optimum configuration for your product.

By considering the box build early in the design process we can ensure that your ideal product is easily manufactured by designing for ease of servicing and optimum performance with custom placement of all components.

If you need a low-complexity assembly for your custom cabling or a complex finished product integrating PCBs in the enclosure or on a panel, we can make it happen for you.

A well-designed box and / or panel can make the difference between a good and great product.

Wireless technology

More and more manufactures are integrating wireless technology into their existing and new product lines.

We deal with industry leading vendors to support our customers with the same commitment to quality components at a quality competitive price.

Through our fully owned subsidiary, Wireless Tech, we are able to supply wireless technology and integrate it into our custom manufacturing services in five product categories: Wireless Point-to-point (backhauls links); Wireless Point-to-Multipoint; Wireless Mesh Technology; Multi-WAN Load Balance Routers and Application level products —IP Cameras, Enterprise Switches, IP storage etc.

We can help you make your existing product line networked products or design with you from scratch your next generation internet connected device.

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