Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that may help you with any queries, but if what you want isn’t here, please get in touch with us on our contact page

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our factory is in Silverwater NSW, Australia

How long have you been in business?

Under the current management, more than 25 years

I just want to order components; can I do that?

Yes, we are here to provide expert advice We may know of a better component for your application

Do you impose minimum order quantities?

Normally there are no MOQs, however we apply MOQs in some circumstances: for example, when we are bound by component MOQ, if the lead time is unexpectedly long, if the customer has a last-minute change in the BOM, to offer more flexibility to customers or when serving as an on-call backup for overseas manufacturing.

Can you just manufacture part of our product?

Yes, all or part. Whatever is right for your product and market.

Can you make custom cables?

Yes, that was the first area of diversification. we are a supplier of choice for custom cables and cable harnesses, box and panel builds. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Are you ISO certified?
Our operation is ISO 9001 Certified, fully staffed and ready to meet your requirements. We self-perform so we have full control over quality and customer satisfaction.
Can you manufacture a finished product for us?
Yes, we can, in fact, we can work with you to turn an idea into a prototype, test the prototype, manufacture the finished product and ship it for you.
Do you substitute components if the specified component is not available?
We can substitute, but only after securing your approval for the change. This may result in a new drawing and signoff on the change. We manage all our suppliers and they ascribe to the same quality specifications that we do.
We want to start producing products that are network enabled, can you do that?
Yes, our fully owned subsidiary Wireless Tech Australia supplies a range of industry leading wireless solutions perfect for networked or internet enabled services and devices.
Do you do printed circuit board assemblies?
Yes, we can assemble PCBs for your prototype, test and production needs.
I have an idea, but can’t make a prototype within my existing factory. Can you help me get the product to market?
Yes, we can create a prototype and test it for manufacturability and ease of support.
We want to start manufacturing in Asia, can you help with that?
Yes, we manage overseas manufacturing for many of our customers. Contact us to discuss your plans.
The market for my product is huge, can you manufacture for me in large enough quantities?
Yes, the choice is yours. In Australia we focus on low to mid volume products, including ultra-specialised devices and individually customised units, as well as high volume production. Alternatively, for high volume production we can manage your manufacturing in Asia.

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