Case study 2

New investor, new scrutiny…

Problem: New investor, new scrutiny.

  • This customer wanted to do more with less. A new investor in the business was concerned about the inventory the business held and the speed of switching between products on the factory floor.
  • The operations manager wanted to explore just-in-time inventory control, but was concerned, having been burnt with components substitution and delays in delivery in the past. One of his colleagues recommended us.


  • We have a history of successfully supplying the right quality components, on time and within budget, because our relationships are long-standing and trusted.
  • Our potential new customer was understandably wary of putting their inventory into someone else’s hands. Because of their previous experience, we recommended they start small. Initially we supplied components they were already running low on. Over time they grew confident in our ability to meet their needs. We now manage their inventory of stock and custom cables, resistors, capacitors, precision positioning devices, custom boxes and panels.
    And we helped them speed up their change over processes in their own factory with a PEMSERTER Series 4 Pneumatic Press with Automatic Feed.

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