Facts supporting making Ampec as your cable assemblies partner


UL Listed for Wiring Harnesses - Components and Computer Interconnection Cable Assemblies

Operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality system (Sydney site only)

Our production plan has been based on manufacturing in 2 locations:

- Ampec's Silverwater factory
- Overseas (partner factories in China and Taiwan) (our ISO certificate does not apply to these sites)

Local Manufacturing 

- Here we focus on high mix low volume manufacturing
- We don’t normally impose MOQ unless we are bound by component MOQ
- To support short lead time requirement when goods are required "immediately"
- To better coordinate with customers in the event there are changes in the BOM
- To offer flexibility to customers
- To serve as a backup in case the overseas manufacturing facility fails to deliver for whatever reasons
- All our workers are IPC/WHMA-A-620 trained

Overseas Manufacturing

(our ISO certificate does not apply to these sites)

- High volume production
- At competitive pricing

Local Manufacturing Capacity and Capability

Maximum weekly labour hours (5 days) ~ 1200 hours (one shift) ~ 2400 hours (two shifts)
(based on 30 workers each working 8 hours a day)


Schleuniger PowerStrip 9550 cable cutting machine
Schleuniger RotaryStrip 2400 and CoaxStrip 5200
Kodera C551SZ fully automatic cut/strip/crimp machine
other automatic and semi auto crimping machines (10+)
circular terminal crimping machine (1)
presses for crimping various terminals (5+)
pull tester (2 )
automatic hookup wire cutting machine (2)
automatic flat cable and tube cutting machine (3)
solder stations (4)
hand tools (many)

Production Personnel (current)

manufacturing manager (1)
manufacturing support engineer (1)
production supervisor (2)
production worker (permanent) (12)
casual worker (various)

warehouse personnel (2)